Founded in 2019, Chilghozay is a countrywide women fashion clothing store offering a wide array of high-quality western style embroidered fabrics that focuses on innovative approach encouraged by the global trend, contemporary style and fashion-oriented market. We aim to bring the height of creativity

together with responsibility leading us to become a pioneer in Pak-Western street style. Our designs are creative and artistic showing our traditions and values. Each piece is crafted with intricacy and delicacy of style providing high-quality dresses for women that suit best to their personality. Our fabric contains the essence of originality that keeps on reminding us of our vision of designing pure, latest and quality clothes for our customers. This is the reason why Chilghpzay thumps its hype within a year by attracting young girls and well-known celebrities of all ages with an element of uniqueness and on its way to be listed among the top clothing brands in Pakistan.