Chilgozay Clothing Co

Inklike - 719


Introducing "Chilgozay Clothing" latest sensation: "Spring Spice". Crafted with finesse spring fabrics, our collection signifies the essence of fusion fashion. Vibrant hues interweave with intricate multi-color embroidery, bringing to life a tapestry of elegance and charm. From the subtle whispers of pastels to the bold strokes of vibrant tones, each piece tells a unique story. Experience the allure of tradition blended with contemporary flair with "Spring Spice"

         Jet Black Chiffon Embroidered 3 Pcs Dress 
       Bamber Chiffon Sequance Embroidered 
       Inner / Sliip along Stitched  
      Dyed Grip Trouser
     Embroidered Chiffon Dupatta with Baby Peco









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